Organization “Soloma Cats”

Dear international friends!

We are ‘Soloma Cats’, a volunteer community, based in the Solomyanskyi district of Kyiv.

Before the new wave of war started by Russians on February 24, we were activists, students, economists, managers, programmers, journalists… Now we are volunteers working 24/7 to support our defenders, and people in need.

💪 We help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the police, hospitals, temporarily displaced persons, the elderly, families with children, and people with disabilities in Kyiv. Our volunteers search for, pack and deliver humanitarian aid, tactical gear & combat clothing, medicine. We weave camouflage nets. We raise funds. We publish posts, translate, communicate, help the media tell the truth about the war.

Please support our fight against the Russian invaders and terrorists! Support Ukraine to stop the war in Europe:

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