United help Ukraine

United Help Ukraine is a charitable non-profit organization. It was started in 2014, after the Russian attack on Ukraine, by a small group of people who met at a protest in Washington, DC. Most, but not all of us have a personal connection to Ukraine.

We are focusing on these four areas:

  • Medical supplies: Individual First Aid Kits for service members of Ukrainian Armed Forces and Territorial Defense Forces; hospital equipment.
  • Personal Protective, Medical, and Survival Equipment
  • Humanitarian Aid: monetary grants and shipping of goods to internally displaced Ukrainians and refugees
  • Wounded Warrior: dedicated fundraisers for the Ukrainian wounded, including those who are being treated in American hospitals; support for their families
  • Raising Awareness: hosting rallies and cultural events to bring attention to Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and independence.

We are a grassroots, entirely volunteer-based organization. Over eight years of our existence, we developed great working relationships with Ukrainian NGOs, hospitals, and other organizations. We also have trusted partners in American suppliers and logistical companies. It enables us to deliver help quickly and with minimal friction. 

We continue to work tirelessly for Ukraine during these extremely trying times and want to thank all our donors for their trust and support!