Molfar Project is the second stage of reforming the health care system for Ukrainian soldiers.

The first stage was creating of medical volunteer networks which have been arranging and providing health services.

The second stage is creating a health care system for military according to the following principles:

  1. Access
    Every soldier will have access to the hot line functioning 24/7. We plan to engage all kinds of connection means: telephone (IP, analog), email, SMS, various kinds of online chat.
  2. Training
    We ensure that personnel involved in organizing medical services possess proper medical training. Doctors and pharmacists are qualified to solve ongoing health issues.
  3. Simplification
    We aim at simplification of business processes in medical care. This will enable us to train new personnel in a tight time frames should a need arise.
  4. Software
    Modern software will be used to enable and improve quality control.
  5. Scale application
    Scale application allows to grow or shrink the system in a very short time with no compromise on its main functional indicators.


Our mission is to create an effective system of medical assistance to Ukrainian soldiers. Molfar Project established a system of effective interaction between all participants of treatment and recovery process: doctors at the front, surgeons, volunteers in health care institutions and pharmacists.


Our goal is to create an effective, transparent and self-sustained system of health services for Ukrainian soldiers.