Territory of Good Deeds

Our charity fund has 2 main directions of work: to help military and to help children. We directly communicate with soldiers and know about current needs of the Ukrainian Army. Therefore we supply our forces with defense ammunition, vehicles, instruments, spare parts for repairs, optics, medical supplies. We visit ATO zone on a constant basis and sincerely talk with soldiers to find our what they need from the first hands.

We pay utmost attention when it comes to help for our children. Just imagine what care and kindness a child who has heard explosions, has felt utter fear of parents, needs! Many children have lost their homes and were made to travel Ukraine to find shelter; many other patiently wait for dreamed victory in native homes. We gather humanitarian supplies for all children that have felt ferocities of war. Using your donations we buy clothes, toys, books and holiday presents.

We attempt to support kinder gardens and schools in zones close to the frontline to allow children who live there to get proper education and development, organize events, concerts and festivals to create communication between children from different regions. It is wonderful to see happiness in their eyes! We are open-hearted and always share our emotions and impressions with all people who care! We are open-heartedly looking for your help: financial as well as psychological. People of Ukraine need our attention and love now! Don’t stand aside, join us – we will show that to do good things is easy

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